Precision Agriculture Laboratory

It has an area of 12 m², with the following equipment:

– Laptop PDA type (Handheld) with operating system Windows Mobile or higher, with USB interface, SD expansion slot, 128MB minimum memory and rechargeable battery;

– Portable digital tachometer, by proximity sensor (magnetic), with resolution of 0.1 rpm and scale between 5 to 8000 rpm;

Data collector (also called datalloger) Campbell scientific CR1000, with A/D converter, with a minimum of 2 digital “pulse” channels, with a minimum of 4 analog channels (at least 1 differential channel);

– 300 W DC/AC (12V – 127V) voltage inverter;

– Portable digital level meter with measuring range between 30 and 120 dB and accuracy of +/- 1.5 dB, use in class and tests;

– digital caliper;

– Software SSToolbox (SIG for Precision Agriculture);

– Trimble portable GPS model Geoexplorer XM with data collector and integrated antenna with 12 parallel channels for the C/A and L1 carrier code, with tracking capacity of 12 satellites, post-processed differential accuracy 1-3 meters, 124 “data” (including WGS84, SAD 69 and Corrego Alegre, as well as UTM), with point, line or area data collection software, and post-data processing software for correcting GPS errors;

– HIDROFARM Electronic soil moisture meter, accompanying case;

– ArcGis software version 10.5 with 31 academic use licenses;

– Pix4D software for mosaicking aerial images; – FarmWorks software – 20 academic licenses;

– ENVI 5.3 software for image manipulation and processing;

– UAV SenseFly eBee RTK fixed wing, with a modular wing design. It is equipped with a high resolution RGB camera and comes with all software and equipment required for immediate operation;

– Canon A2500 Nir multispectral camera;

– Fotric 222s Thermal Camera;

– FALKER Penetrolog Penetrometer;

– UAV multirotor DJI Phantom Advance;

– Pair of RTK GPS Emilid Reach;

– Tetracam ADC_lite multispectral camera;

– Multispectral ground sensor and VERIS P4000 sampler.