The Graduate Program in Agronomy, which focuses on Plant Production, aims to train qualified professionals to perform research, teaching and extension activities in public or private institutions, providing them with a level of technical, scientific and educational improvement , appropriate to contribute to the training of human resources and the solution of problems of business and family agriculture at regional and national level, as well as improvement in research and extension activities, seeking to enable food production in a sustainable manner and associated with preservation of natural resources.

Its specific objectives are:

  • Train high-level human resources capable of teaching, research and extension with a focus on sustainability;
  • Promote the development of research and technological innovations in Agronomy (Plant Production), aiming at scientific and teaching improvement, diagnosis and solution of problems of regional and national interest, focusing on the Cerrado Biome;
  • Encourage the formation of new research groups integrated into plant production in a sustainable way;
  • Develop and adapt diverse technologies and methodologies at the basic level and applied to the productive sector;
  • Disseminate knowledge generated under the program through appropriate mechanisms.