Computer Laboratory

The CPCS/UFMS Graduate in Agronomy has a computer lab with 22 computers with AMD A8 5500 3.2 Ghz Quadcore processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HD and Windows 10. All computers have internet access and have as main installed software:

Sisvar: Free software used for Agricultural Experimentation classes;

MS Office 2010: set of licensed software with license used for writing texts, spreadsheets and presentations;

AutoCAD 2015: licensed software used in Precision Agriculture classes for making various maps;

ArcGIS 10.5: Licensed software used in geostatistics classes for making various maps.

All professors have microcomputers in their offices or labs, connected to the network. In addition, graduate students can register their personal computer for unlimited wireless access throughout the Campus and access to the Capes Journal Portal. The data transmission speed over the ATM network is 100 mbps. Thus, students and professors have wide access to information available on the network. Information on the Central Library bibliographic collection, theses and information of academic interest of each student (SISCAD and SIGPOS) can be consulted.