Phytopathology Laboratory

It has a capacity for 10 students, an area of 25.84 m2, 3 masonry benches, 2 sinks, 3 integrated classrooms – teacher’s room (5.94 m2), clinic in phytopathology (4.41 m2) and aseptic room (3.70m2) with the following equipment:

02 Binocular stereomicroscopes with double illumination, with dimmer at the bottom, zoom of 20x, 40x and 80x, with pair of eyepieces and objectives;

– 03 binocular biological microscopes with protective cover, 110 or 220 V;

– Infinite optical trinocular microscope with digital system;

– Microprocessed centrifuge bench, driven by a frequency inverter which provides high rotation stability;

– Mixer blender with stainless steel knife, measuring cup and push button;

– Chamber of germination, insect breeding, fungal and bacterial development, plant study and early plant aging;

– Vacuum rotary evaporation system consisting of evaporator, vacuum pump, vacuum controller, sealing system, steam duct and mechanical lifting system;

– Electronic colonies counter, with counting through pulses registered in led display;

– Dual core microcomputer, 2 GB memory, 160 GB HD;

– Table magnifier with cold light;

– Electronic scale with lcd display with capacity of 20 kg;

– pH and MV meter, which provides measurement with centesimal resolution (MV);

– Mechanical stirrer – with vortex tubes with capacity up to 25 mm tubes, continuous mode and rotational speed adjustment;

– 02 sets of granulometric sieves;

– Grain moisture meter, model al-101;

– Microwave oven with 30 L capacity, LCD display; – 2d frost free refrigerator, with 445 L capacity; – Vertical laminar flow;

– Microprocessed portable conductivity meter;

– Spectrophotometer with liquid crystal diplay;

– Microprocessed digital ultra thermostatic bath;

– bacteriological greenhouse;

– deionizer;

– Climatic chamber for germination.